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The Elgin Coin Club (ECC) is a group of collectors mainly from the Elgin, Illinois, area. Join us the first Wednesday of any month at 7pm. Starting January 6th, 2021 we will be meeting at the Journey of Hope United Methodist Church.(Map and details).

We have our first coin show for the year. Click here for details on this year?s shows.

Elgin Coin Club members at their Christmas party in December, 2019.
These are the Elgin Coin Club members at the December 2019 Christmas party.

Many more pictures

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Our Meetings!

We meet monthly at 7:00 pm on the first Wednesday of every month. Starting January 6th, 2021 we will be meeting at the Journey of Hope United Methodist Church on Highland Ave. & Randall Rd. in Elgin, IL.

Visitors are always welcome.

Our Elgin Coin Club meetings offer many opportunities to enjoy our hobby and share it with others. Some of our activities include:

  • Good talking with fellow collectors
  • Show & Tell of all manner of coins
  • Videos on many numismatic subjects
  • Guest speakers talking about their specialties
  • Raffles with many prizes
  • Special 50/50 cash raffle (half to winner half to club)
  • Member bourse sales
  • Two annual auctions of member coins
  • Two annual White Elephant auctions
  • An annual holiday dinner.

Board Meeting

We have a monthly board meeting about two weeks after the regular meeting. The officers get together at an officer's or a board member's house or at a location otherwise determined by the officers. This is an open meeting. Members are welcome to all board meetings. If you want to attend, contact an officer for the time of and directions to the meeting place.

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Elgin Coin Club Annual Coin Shows

Download the show flyer HERE

Each year we have our first coin show on Sunday, March 26  Plan to join us. The show runs from 8:00 am to 3:00 pm. It is a lot fun with many activities including, but surely not limited to:

  • Free entry
  • Free parking
  • Food on site
  • USA, Canadian and foreign coins, supplies, tokens, banknotes, ancient and gold, silver, copper, along with other numismatic items bought and sold
  • Free appraisals
  • Auction for the young numismatists (kids auction)
  • Hourly door prizes (winners must be present to win)
  • Buy, sell, and trade at around 50+ dealer tables.

The shows are still at the Holiday Inn at 495 Airport Road, Elgin. It is located at the 1st light north of I-90 on Rt. 31.

We look forward to seeing all of you and your friends at this year's show!

For more information about the show, you can also contact our show chairman Guy Hultberg at 847-804-6362.

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Contacting Us

Contact us by mail at:

P.O. Box 561
South Elgin, IL 60177

You can also contact us by email at

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Our officers

  • President - Howard Curtis
  • Vice President - Michael Kahn
  • Treasurer - Rosemarie Kahn
  • Secretary - Arthur Schatke
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The Elgin Coin Club is a member of:

  • A.N.A. 28457
  • C.S.N.S. R6906
  • I.L.N.A. 1299.
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Membership Dues

Membership dues in the Elgin Coin Club, payable by the end of February each year, are:
  • $20 family membership (immediate family, adults and children)
  • $5 junior member (YNs) under 18.

Joining ECC

To become a member, you have attend two meetings. At the first meeting you can apply for membership and at the second we welcome you into the club when there is no opposition to your joining. If you already know a member, you can join the first night.

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ECC History

The first Elgin Coin Club meeting was in September, 1957. That means that we have endured the full length of the Space race. Sputnik went up in October, 1957, a month after we started. The Memorial Lincoln cent debuted two years after we started. We have been around for more than one fifth of the time the United States has existed!

ECC Exonumia

During its history, the Elgin Coin Club has issued tokens and other exonumia. we currently have accounted for these:

  • We issued a 1976 bicentennial 50-cent, aluminum, "good-for" token redeemable at the Elgin American Legion.

  • We issued rolled coins in 1990. Some were done on 1990 cents, the year of issue, and others on 1957 cents, the year the club started. We have also found three made from Polish 5 Zlotich coins.

  • We issued several wooden nickels. One celebrates the 12th annual Elgin Coin Club show on September 29, 1974. Another generic one probably was issued around the same time. Yet another was issued for the 40th Annual Coin Show in 2002.

    Read more about the above items (except the 2002 token in "Elgin Coin Club Tokens" in Money Meanderings: An Introduction to Numismatics.

  • When the Elgin Coin Club celebrated its 500th meeting on August 4, 1999, each person at the meeting received a souvenir bill honoring the meeting and good for one dollar towards club dues. The bill included pictures and signatures of the officers and a picture of all members present at the April, 1999, meeting. Read nore about this souvenir bill.

  • During our 40th Annual Coin Show we issued notes "Good For" one dollar in trade at dealers at the show.
  • Some Other Facts

    Many other clubs have came and gone in the length of our history. McHenry County Coin Club was around when we started, but it closed its doors in the mid-'90s. A set of wooden nickels were issued in 1965 for the Greater DuPage Coin Festival by five area clubs: Tree Town's CC, DuPage CC, West Suburban CC, Wheaton CC, and Westmont CC. None exist today.

    We have met on various days:

    • 3rd Wed '69
    • 2nd Wed '86, '90
    • 1st Wed since Apr 91

    And we have met at different places:

    • '69 Carpenter Hall, S. Grove St.
    • '90 Dieterle's Rest, S. McLean
    • '92 to 2013 VFW, Weld Road. - beginning with our 400th meeting.
    • '14 to Januray '16 Elgin Moose Family Center. S. McLean Blvd.
    • February '16 forward back in VFW, Weld Road.
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